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2019 Q4

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Press Release- 2.3 EFI Series

MultiOne America Launches Upgrade to 2.3 Series Mini Loader

New 2.3 EFI Series Mini Loader from MultiOne is Faster, Lifts More, and Starts in Any Weather for Four Seasons Reliability

SPRINGFIELD, Missouri – Sept. 20, 2019 – Based on customer feedback and internal engineering advances, MultiOne is making upgrades to their popular 2.3 Series mini loader. The 2.3 Series has been a favorite asset for landscapers, lawn care professionals, farmers, and construction companies due to its minimal width, power-to-size ratio, and attachment availability. The 2.3 EFI redesign brings an electronic fuel injection system, redesigned frame, and various upgraded parts.

Electronic fuel injection will come standard, allowing the loader to start easily in any temperature- making it the perfect machine for snow clearing. Advanced sensor technology allows the engine to optimize performance by automatically adapting to operating conditions. The new fuel injection system cuts down on fuel consumption, reduces downtime for refueling, and keeps the engine running smoothly throughout power delivery. The results are better overall engine performance, a higher maximum speed, lower engine noise, and lower emissions. With diagnostic software to easily troubleshoot any issues, this system is built for year-round profitability.

The 2.3 EFI also boasts a longer wheelbase for better equilibrium, stability, and lifting capacity. The fuel tank has been redesigned to be bump and crash resistant. Other machine parts – like the hydraulic system – have been re-engineered for improved lifting and handling. “Listening to our users and performing long-term R&D allows MultiOne to continually innovate the product and lead the market. The 2.3 EFI is a precise response to MultiOne loader owners’ demand for a highly-profitable working tool,” says General Manager Vincenzo Grasso. 

Users will also appreciate the more rigid frame and improved attachment plate that allows for  increased force as well as widened operation angles. Two heavier back weights are now available, weighing in at 198 pounds apiece. The Kohler EFI ECV749 engine replaces the B&S Vanguard 8270 that is in the current 2.3 Series.

The 2.3 EFI Series mini loader is the smallest of the MultiOne loaders, which range in power from 25 HP- 75 HP. The full series of loaders have 170+ attachments like lawn mowers, leaf blowers, salt spreaders, stump grinders, weed brushes, tree spades, and sprayers.

MultiOne Announces New Proprietary Plastic Engineered for High Performance

New High Density Polymer Parts Make MultiOne Mini Loaders Even More Reliable

SPRINGFIELD, Missouri – Sept. 20, 2019 – After years of research & development, MultiOne is in the final engineering stage of a game-changing plastic for its mini loader body parts. The new high-density polymer used for the body shells presents a very high level of resilience. The engineered plastic transforms the compact Italian loader into a rugged machine able to operate reliably in harsh usage environments and conditions, with enhanced resistance to cracking and chipping. Users can expect a more flexible machine that presents lower spare parts costs through all seasons. On a multi-tool loader that’s used for excavating, logging, snow removal, and concrete mixing, it’s great news for long-term dependability.

MultiOne has been engineering high-quality machines in Italy for over 30 years. “As new technology emerges across industries, we take great pride in adapting that technology to give our customers a better experience.” says Operations Manager Alessandro De Luca.

MultiOne loaders range in power from 25 HP- 75 HP. The full series of loaders have 170+ attachments like lawn mowers, leaf blowers, salt spreaders, stump grinders, weed brushes, tree spades, and sprayers.